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We are traders for a shrimps grower, Vieracruz Group, has invested and produced high quality shrimps since 20 years ago.

Skewers, and other options of shrimps are to be produced under your specifications, Pls. let us know your requirement.

Our shrimps are over 22gr average and are produced to be packed head on.

Once having your specifications our final price will be FOB GYE (Guayaquil, Ecuador).

We have other options of plants available to process and pack your purchase order, all of them with all the certificates to meet your registration needs and your local government regulations.

Prices as follows;

 Ecuadorian White Shrimps or Prawns HOSO :  Prices - Wk from Jan 27 to Feb 2, 2013

 Ecuador White Shrimp HOSO (Head On Shell On)

 ·          40/50 (average pieces per Kg) Head On Shell On $8.90 /Kg FOB GYE, and

·          50/60 (average pieces per Kg) Head On Shell On $9.90 /Kg FOB GYE.

 * Frozen in blocks.   Masters of 10 boxes X 1.8Kg each.

 We are only interested in selling Head-On Shell On Shrimps. 

 We are looking for buyers want purchase the entire crop per pool with all what is catched duly processed and classified.

 Average production is over 60% of 40/50 + over 20% of 50/60.

 We are producing 30000Kg of Head On Shell On Shrimps fortnightly. 

 Payment in advance to crop and pack.

 If you are interested Pls. get in contact to provide you  with catching Schedule in order to sign contract for monthly shipments.

 The shrimps we are producing are high quality focused on satisfying gourmet/delicatesen exclusive markets.  

Junin y Panama # 203, 3rd Floor, Room 8 - E-mail fenirsa@gmail.com - Mobile +593 99 311 3131 / +593 98 470 6061 - Fax. +593 4 2303122 Telf. +593 4 2307735 - Guayaquil - Ecuador